Rules & Guidelines 
For New Jersey Premier Party Group Events

The following Rules are for all events. 

Behavior Rules For Our Venue:

  • All those that attend must be considerate and respect all other people in attendance. This includes their personal boundaries and hard limits.

  • Any behavior at the party or outside of the party that interferes with the wellbeing of the group. (ie. stalking, prejudice statements or acts, harassment, violence toward another member, engaging in sex for money, causing a disruption on hotel premises etc. not limited to this list)

  • Any person disrupting the party environment will be removed (Yelling, threatening, cursing, being rude or discourteous to other guests etc)Ask before you try to do anything to/with anyone at the party. (touch, kiss, lick, cum, etc) Others in attendance human beings not objects regardless if they are sub, switch, dom etc. They have thoughts and feelings and they may not want you specifically to do anything with them or to them.

  • No Solicitation. That includes money, business interests, favors etc.

  • NO means NO.

  • Social drinking is acceptable but drunkenness is not allowed.

  • No Drugs or people under the influence of illegal substances.

  • Please keep your banter and chat to positive fun topics. This is not therapy. No one needs to hear your life story or your problems.

  • No cell phones allowed. You will be asked once to put them away. If you need to check messages do it in the hallway or outside.

  • No picture or recording devices of any kind.

  • Voyeurs must keep 3-5 feet between them self and the edge of the bed where people are playing. Ask before approaching people playing.

  • Patrons are not allowed to solicit other patrons for money or donations for any reason.

Hygiene Rules For Our Venue:

  • Anyone with medical issues that can present a health and safety issues can not play (ie. Women menstruating no vaginal sex [oral and anal are fine], Anyone with incontinence issues etc)

  • Both men and women should come trimmed or shaved and clean in all private areas. No one likes eating hair.

  • Men need to clean themselves thoroughly between partners (gargle if you have eaten a woman out and clean your entire lower region after any type of contact. (The taste of condoms and other women's pussies is not a turn on for most women)

  • Men cannot use the same condom with two different women

  • We prefer that you play safe at all times. While you may play bareback (Which is up to the woman's discretion) please understand that it presents a more serious health risk in these situations then private swinging.

**Please note that if someone complains about your hygiene you will be asked to leave the party with no refund. If this happens a second time you will be removed from the party list. Come clean and ready to play.

**Anyone who does not adhere to these rules will be removed from the party without a refund. If it happens a second time you will be removed from the party list.

BDSM Rules for Our Venue:

The following fetishes have no place in our venue:

  • Anything illegal (ie anything involving children, animals, corpses etc.)
  • Anything involving blood, urine, feces, vomit or large quantities of cum like bukkake. 
  • Nothing involving fire, knives, guns or smoking. 
  • Electrical play is only allowed if the person is trained and certified by TES and they have permission of all the participants. 
  • Verbal Humiliation must be approved before hand by management so we can warn any party guests in the BDSM/Kink/Fetish room. 
      (If it begins to upset the other party guests it will be stopped)
  • All subs must have a safe word.
  • If some one is using rope there must be scissors on hand for quick release in the event of distress.
  • If locks are being used the keys must be worn by the Dominant at all times in the event of distress.
  • Dominants/Switches must adhere to any hard limits of the submissives.
  • If the submissive is restrained physically as well as from speaking a drop device must be used during play. 
      (ie. ping pong ball, metal ring etc) This is so that the sub can signal that they want the scene to stop in lieu of using a safe word.
  • No play can involve permanent physical damage to another human being regardless of request. 
  • No play should require medical attention after the scene is complete.
  • Anyone who has not been formally trained as a Dominant cannot top anyone else without being monitored by a member of the NJPPG          staff.
  • Dominants/Switches please do not engage in play unfamiliar to you without the assistance of the party Hostess Mistress Al Italia