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5 Reasons Why NJPPG Has Gender & Activity Based Pricing

Better Quality of Patrons

We have found that by keeping our prices at this level it attracts people who are better educated, properly employed and have the level of intelligence we are seeking in patrons at our events. Essentially it keeps us from having to deal with the drama that is often associated with people who do not have these essential life qualities. We prefer quality over quantity it is that simple.


Women Have Costs Associated with Attending Lifestyle Events That Men Do Not

We celebrate straight, bisexual and pansexual women because they are the ones who ensure that the BDSM and Swinging lifestyle is a possibility for others. Women spend a lot of time, effort and money to make sure they look good. Mani/Pedi’s are not cheap; neither is getting your hair done, nor is the cost of makeup and lingerie. These are all expenses that most men do not have incur in order to attend events such as ours. We are also the most at risk for disease as well as the lowest paid so far as societal economics goes.


Without Women It’s a Sausage Fest

We love single women and couples who are here to engage with other people especially the men who financially support our ability to have these events. Pricing for these patrons is lower or free to enter.


We Offer Discounts to Men and Couples

We allow people to pay early, so those who are responsible and committed to coming to our parties get a deep discount. The cost for most events for single men is $75 online verses $120 at the door the day of the event for most events. For couples the pricing is $25 compared to $60 at the door.


Regarding Single Men: It is the opinion of this organization that men who cannot afford to attend our events are not of the caliber to properly entertain the women and couples who attend our events outside of the parties. A decent hotel room or dinner at a proper restaurant costs no less than $120 on average. If that’s not what you can or are willing to spend on the fine diamonds that can help as well as allow you to make your sexual fantasies come true; you need to spend more time focusing on life with your top head and not the bottom one.


We Offer Voyeur Pricing

We charge for single women and couples who are merely voyeurs because they require extra security to ensure their safety. Most of the people attending are there to engage in activities with others. When voyeurs are present it puts an extra strain on the staff to ensure that they are not being hassled about playing, so we charge more for them to be present. There is no charge for single men who wish to just watch because the cost would be higher than those who play. We have found that men who simply wish to watch and pleasure themselves hinder the environment and atmosphere for our patronage.


Voyeurs Include the following:


  • Couples comprised of a male and female as well as single women who are only seeking to watch others.

  • Couples comprised of a male and female as well as single women who are only seeking to play with women.

  • Couples comprised of a male and female who are only seeking to play with each other at the event.

  • Cross Dressed Bisexual Men*

  • Gay Single Females

  • Lesbian Couples

  • TG Women


*Cross Dressed Bisexual Men must come dressed as a woman or make arrangements to get dressed at the event with the event host prior to the day of the event. Cross Dressed Bisexual Men must be passable. (No facial hair, no body hair, makeup, wig and clothing must be worn at all times)