Why do you require so much information to attend a party?

First off we want to ensure that we are providing this information to a legal adult. Any venue that gives out their information with out first vetting people puts all their members and party goers at risk. Because we do t his should some one present an issue we have the ability to identify that one person. Should any one act in an illegal manner or should they present a danger to one or many of our members we will only provide that members information to LE rather than having to hand over all of our correspondence and guest information. As every one is well aware we have a lot of single women who attend our events and we want to make them feel as safe as possible in addition to protecting our community and all of it's members.*

*All of our specifications have been made to protect the women at the parties. As a single woman I have witnessed women get attacked at and outside of parties. I know of women who were lured by pictures of good looking men to places only to be confronted by men who were not the men in the pictures and some of them committed illegal acts toward these women. Our parties are geared for females both single and as part of a couple to feel safe meeting men and women for fun.

Why Don't You Send Out Party Information For All Events Once People Register?
*Partly due to space constrains we do limit the number of guests for hotel events. If we have enough couples and men who prepay for the party, the specific details of the event will only be given to them. Prepaid guests receive the information first and if there is room guests who just register will be given the information once the presell tickets end.

*Our objective is to have a good event. Too many single men make it uncomfortable for the couples and ladies. So the men who are financially vested in coming get the information prior to the men who just register. The women who attend all invite their own list of people they want to play with etc. They also submit their list to me. If we don't have a certain number of presells then I go to their list first and to men who just sign up last.

*Some men randomly find our events through eventbrite and have not been vetted. We ensure our events are safe for women. We do not want undesirable people showing up at our parties. For that reason we interview (vet) every one who wants to be a part of our group or attend an event.

What Should I expect?

Well I can tell you what you should not expect. Never walk in expecting sex off the bat. Most men think women at these events are easier than regular women. Not true. Because we deal with a myriad of men and many situations we know all the lines, the games and the pickup techniques. Your best bet is to treat it just like any other party. Be sincere when you are talking to other people. Being social is key at these kinds of parties. Always expect more men than women to be present. Never let ratio intimidate you. It's all about Confidence and Charisma. Most events pages tell you the venue set up as well as dress code. Never annoy your hostess with questions about that kind of stuff. You are one of hundreds of guys asking the same questions.

Ratio of Men To Women: Why Are there more males than females?

At our hotel events we like to keep about a three to one ratio of men to women. Sorry but our parties cater to the lovely ladies. We tried to do less but the women complained of not enough diversity in men. Fact is most of the women attending are seeking multiple partners both male and female simultaneously. 

Will I get my two girl fantasy?

Sorry but most likely no you will not. Men who desire that need to do one of the following: A) Find a bisexual woman in the lifestyle and develop a deep meaningful relationship with her so that she brings home other women for you to share, B) Hire prostitutes or C) have an amazing body and cock and I mean god like in nature. These are far and few between at our events. The men who engage in them are extremely attractive or they have a woman with them and a single female has decided to join them. Most single men aren't going to get that ideally at a swingers event. Ideally you will not have two women completely to yourself unless you are my boyfriend. Then you get four at one time. Just ask Jeff lol

What is your policy on drugs and alcohol?

We are BYOB for regular guests. Our Elite Members as well as single women can enjoy our premium spirits. Some of the party moderators bring alcohol to share with people as is any one's right. We will allow people to drink but if they get out of line or rude they will be asked to leave. 

Drugs are illegal and not allowed. We will not tolerate any one who is on them at the party due to the potential behavioral issues that can arise that are associated with using them as well as the legal aspects of their possession and use. Many of our patrons have jobs and real lives that we are protecting. We will not risk the group as a whole for one or two people who can not stay clean while playing.

Why do you offer a discount to people who pay in advance?

It's simple. If people pay we know that they are definitely coming. This way we can gauge how many disposable items we will need. Specifically drinks and food. It helps us to lower our cost so we pass that on to the patron.

How do you ensure the safety of the women at the parties?

We have a security staff that is trained ahead of time. We also offer a check-in prior to the start of the party. Where women can let us know their limits information. This way our security team will know what their limits are. We also provide them with a safe word that our security staff responds to in the event that they do not feel safe or comfortable. We provide an escort to and from their transportation in addition to the security while attending the party.

Why don't you like bareback at your events and discourage it?

It's simple; even if the two people playing agree to it, that kind of play still presents a health risk to others. If the woman does not properly clean herself or the man does not; the other persons fluids would still be present when they engaged the next partner. That partner (who may not agree to bareback risks) is now at risk to catch an std. Example: Man has sex without a condom on with a woman. He ejaculates in her and fails to clean his penis properly. He gets a blow job from another woman but she does not want him to cum in her mouth due to std risk. However two people's bodily fluids are present on his penis from prior play. Keep the women who keep this community alive and healthy. Women are 20 times more likely to contract an std from a man then a man is from a woman. Don't be a joker, wrap your poker.

Why do I have to keep everything a secret?

Unlike other adult party venues and hosts we keep a tight ratio and we vet our guests carefully for safety and fun purposes. Not just any one showing up at the door can get in. Plus anything that goes on at our events should not be shared with any one who did not attend and/or was not present at the time of the occurrence. Please respect our community as well as people's privacy. We do reserve the right to stop a party or remove people from our event as well as our guest list if they do not adhere to our privacy standards.

What kind of people attend your events?

Our Age limits are clear: Females 18-50 and Males 21-50 We have people who are all shapes and sizes, ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual preferences, etc. We are a non discriminatory group with the exception of age. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis regarding age but permission needs to be asked first, not forgiveness later.

Why do you limit age? 

The majority of our customers are in that age range. We found that when people outside of those age ranges attended there were complaints and issues with comfort. Let's be honest, most men and women in their 20's, 30's and 40's do not want some one the age of a parent or grandparent hitting on them at a sex party. It's just that simple. We restrict men below 21 due to the fact that most are a security issue in respects to confidentiality and behavior at events. 

How do I deal with unwanted advances?

You can simply and politely say no. If you feel the need to have security intervene please do so. I have often found that excusing myself to check my phone outside the event, or using the bathroom is a good course of action. Never feel pressure to play with any one you do not want to. Please use the event staff. We are here to help and assist you. We have no problem pulling people aside and letting them know discretely that some one is not interested.